Origami cross, variation 2: diagrams available

Origami cross variation 2 front and back
Origami Cross Variation 2, front and back

The diagrams and patterned paper for this cross are now available for purchase and download (for only $2.30) on the OrigamiUSA website.  I call this one “Cross variation 2” because it’s the two of several crosses I designed using the same base. The file includes 5 pages of diagrams and one page with Gothic-inspired patterned paper you can print, trim to a square, and fold (as seen in the photo). It also includes two slightly different versions of this cross: one is slightly easier, but the other looks somewhat neater. (The one in the photo above is the neater but harder version.) Instructions are included in English and Spanish.

Click here to go to the product page on the OrigamiUSA store (“The Source”)!