Origami Books and Paper

When I give origami classes, many people ask me where they can buy books and paper here in Monterrey.  To answer that question, I have put together the following information:

Where to get origami books and paper in Monterrey, Mexico

Any bookstore might have origami books in their inventory; you have to ask in each store to find out. For example, the two bookstores (Porrúa and Ventana) in Plaza Cumbres, Monterrey, had origami books when I visited them, but that’s no guarantee that they will always have them in stock. Here is a list of sellers who always or nearly always have materials you can use for origami:

Garaga Manualidades – http://garaga.blogspot.mx/

Located in Monterrey, they sell paper made specifically for origami, imported from Korea and Japan.  They also offer workshops.  You can contact them through their website, by email (garaga@intercable.net) or by telephone, (0181) 3849-7901 or 8343-7070

Lumen – http://www.lumen.com.mx/

Lumen sells many kinds of paper (among other things), although they do not sell paper specifically for origami.  They have two stores in the city of Monterrey.  The store on Guerrero Avenue specializes in paper.

Av. Guerrero No. 1303
Nte.Col. Treviño, Monterrey, N.L.
CP: 64570
Teléfono: ( 0181 ) 8375-3501
Horario: L-V 9:00 a 19:00 Hrs. Sáb. 9:00 a 13:00 Hrs

Librerías Gandhi – http://www.gandhi.com.mx/

Among other things, they sell origami books.  You can make purchases through their on-line store, or in their retail stores according to availability in each location.

Av. Hidalgo 1171
Col. Centro, C.P. 64000
Monterrey, NL.
L-D de 10.00 a 21.00 HRS.

Origami Club “Kami Ume” of the Asociación México Japonesa del Noreste –  https://www.facebook.com/asociacionmexicojaponesadeln

They sell origami paper. Tel. 81-18814316 (speak with Maricela)

Mercado Libre – http://www.mercadolibre.com.mx/

Website in Spanish.  It’s an on-line market that sells everything; you can find origami books and paper, but you have to be careful to avoid pirated digital copies of books, etc.

Papel Origami – http://papelorigami.com/en

This is a multi-lingual website. They are located in Spain, but they can ship to Mexico. They sell paper made specifically for origami.

Origami Shop – http://www.origami-shop.com/index.php

They are located in Europe but can ship to Mexico.  They sell origami books and paper in several languages, including Spanish.

Origami USA – https://origamiusa.org/catalog

OrigamiUSA’s store is located in the USA, but ships to Mexico.  They sell origami books and paper in various languages.  The website is only in English.

Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com

Amazon.com ships worldwide, and sells everything, including origami books and paper.

If you go to Texas…

It’s much easier to find origami books and paper in Europe or the USA than in Mexico.  Craft stores, such as Michael’s (a large chain in the USA), usually have origami paper.  Large bookstores chains such as Barnes & Noble generally have origami books and “kits”.  Michael’s has retail stores in Laredo and McAllen. Barnes & Noble has two stores in McAllen.

– Matthew Green, origami artist and teacher

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