Interesting articles I’ve translated for

One of my regular clients for Spanish-English translations is the website, which publishes Catholic news and spirituality articles.  Many of the articles are the work of the site’s own team of authors and reporters (including one by me that started off as a simple translation of some words of Pope Francis); others are culled from other reliable Catholic web sources.

I’ve worked with them for over a year now and it’s always a pleasure to see something from Aleteia in my inbox – not just because it’s work (which is always a good thing), but because I enjoy the subject matter. I spent many years as a member of a Catholic religious community, working in and for the Church, and although my life and employment have changed, I still carry the Church in my blood. That makes translating Catholic news and spirituality often both enjoyable and enriching  (and sometimes uncomfortable, in a good way – the message sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone, as the Gospel should…). The most interesting of all nowadays is translating articles about Pope Francis, who never ceases both to challenge and surprise me.

If you’d like to read some interesting Catholic articles and get a taste of how I translate, here are some I find particularly interesting:

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